Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ME ME ME mmemememememememe.

If you like the way I write but are just damn tired of reading about Japan and fish and host boys and weather and snow and whining and food and rice and beer and sunsets and sunrises and commutes and trains and insults and ignorance and earthquakes and ramen and old ladies and homesickness and schools and students and exams and crows (though I truly can't imagine why anyone would ever grow tired of all that) then please feel free to make your way over to my new tumbr effort, where I will be posting fictional musings of all degrees of quality (mostly bad, but hopefully edited). These will range from free-write passages to pop-culture mash-ups, all overindulging in the use of the adverb, just the way I know you like it. Give it a try. If you hate it, stay here. I'll continue to write about all of the above, because though I do enjoy fiction, my ultimate favourite subject will always be my own sweet self.

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  1. Nothing wrong with shameless self-promotion...
    Am just off to tumblr - an odd name - like an accidental mis-spelling that somewhere better captures the thought or the moment