Monday, August 16, 2010

Brief Hiatus

To my twelve delightfully faithful followers - please try to be patient with me over the next week. Today marked the first day of my job proper, as an Assistant Language Teacher at Kaisei High Schhol ,which means I will be sadly bereft of the copious internet time I have been gifted with thus far. Because I will actually have to be doing something to earn my money. Life is hard sometimes (of course, I am not doing too well so far, as evidenced by my obvious presence on stolen student internet). Thus, this is an invocation to you all not to abandon me. I promise to return with all the regularity of a daily prune eater as soon as internet is installed in my flat. This should occur sometime before Christmas. In the meantime, I will pwrite posts offline, so you will be gifted with many meandering words when the time comes to launch them all online. I expect baited breath anticipation for this time.

In the meantime I leave you with this Japanese gem of genius: In Japanese high schools, the classes of first years are taught on the first floor. Of second, on the second. Of third, on the third. It is a system precisely designed for the navigationally challenged foreigner (ie. me). Kudos, Japan, for a thoughtful system. Now if only I was not predominantly teaching third years, I would be wholly satisfied.

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